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Tinkervan is a company founded in Huesca (Spain) by the year 2005 by Carmelo Blasco BetrĂ¡n. Thanks to its tenacity and continuous effort to develop new processes, as well as the search for the highest quality in its products and services, Tinkervan has been evolving since its creation, standing out in the world of Camper Conversion of medium and compact size vehicles.

This has allowed Tinkervan to be the leading company in Spain in the Camper sector. Considered as one of the undisputed pioneers in the transformation of Camper vehicles for use during our leisure time and even in our day to day. We have managed to adapt different Camper equipment to the daily needs of our customers. We work as an authorized Camper bodybuilder for large companies in the automotive sector. Likewise, we are exclusive importers for the national market of the firm Tischer, the most important European company specialized in the manufacture of habitable cabins for Pick-Up.

From our beginnings, in Tinkervan we have bet for the quality of product and service, and the constant investment in R+D+I, investigating in new developments, materials and productive processes.

Pol. Ind. Sepes - C/ Siderurgia, nave 4, parcela 62 - 22006 Huesca Tel: 974283142 -  |  Legal disclaimer

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